The underpinning philosophy

The most important moment in the conception of a building is the understanding of the way people move around a space; share a space, and how this space can influence their emotions.   I focus on materiality and proportion – clean sweeping lines, uncluttered spaces, and unique designs.

I am absolutely passionate on ensuring I interpret my client’s attitudes towards a life/work balance and reflecting this in designing an environment that understatedly assists in nurturing the creation of a space that is totally cohesive to their needs whilst ensuring functionality. This is integral to my creative process and is reflected in my finished works.

Architecture has provided me with a platform from which I can draw from my 15 years experience. After completing Interior Design at Swinburne University, I based myself in London working for Lord David Linley alongside Craig Allen (Gucci) designing high-end collectable furniture with sumptuous materials and elegantly structured simple lines.  Upon my return to Melbourne I continued working on an array of interior projects for two well-established firms, Bates Smart and Woods Bagot.  During this time my projects became more focused on Residential architecture.

In 2004 I completed my first private residence in a coastal town, Falmouth, on the east coast of Tasmania, which cemented my passion for architecture.  In 2006 I was offered a position in Bangkok with Design Worldwide Partnership (DWP).  As a Senior Designer and Project Leader, I managed the hospitality profile in the Kingdom of Bahrain, India, and Koh Samui in Thailand for 18 months.  This position introduced me to the architecture of the Asia-Pacific region – diverse and exciting structures, ideas that were strikingly contemporary yet drew from a strong sense of tradition and culture.  

My extensive travel during this time has definitely influenced my attitudes towards design and the importance of managing a well-balanced relationship between the architect, the builder and the client. Completion of the Masters of Architecture at the University of NSW has not only developed but framed my personal architectural style, which I consider as contemporary, with a strong sense of classical elegance.

After working for Luigi Rosselli Architects I decided to start up my own practice. I became a registered Architect and have completed a number of new houses, renovations and extensions to existing dwellings over this time.

- Sarah Foletta.